Video Game Storage: Protecting Electronics With Proper Battery Care

Whether you're moving or just need some extra space, a storage unit at a facility like National Self Storage - Denver is an ideal place to house your video game collection. The cool and dry climate-controlled area of a storage unit provides plenty of protection and ideal conditions for consoles, games, and accessories. As you plan out your storage unit rental, it's important to consider the batteries that are included with wireless video game accessories. By properly storing the batteries, you can protect the conditions of your video games and the batteries that come with them. Use this guide to help you organize your batteries while renting a storage unit.

Disposable Batteries

Open up any type of video game accessory that you own to remove the disposable batteries from inside of them. This includes controllers, console remotes, or add-on accessories like a video game gun. If the batteries remain inside of the accessories, it can continue to draw power. Not only will the batteries die out, but they could eventually leak small amounts of acid and potentially rust or deteriorate the battery contacts inside the accessory.

Once the batteries are removed, you can store them inside of a small plastic bag. This action will cut off air exposure and keep the batteries in a fresh condition until they are needed again.

Rechargeable Batteries

A number of video game accessories have rechargeable battery packs in them that makes it easy to recharge and use over and over again. An essential part of the proper operation for these batteries are the contact points that the batteries have. Some of the battery contacts are flat metal conductors, while others may feature small openings. It's important to protect these elements from dust, dirt, and wear.

The first step in protecting these batteries is removing them from the device that they belong to. To help keep them organized, you can place a piece of masking tape on both the accessory and the matching battery. Then you can write a marching number on the battery and accessory so you can match them up later. The batteries should then be wrapped in bubble wrap or packing paper. This will help protect them from any damage caused by movement. The batteries should not be stacked or packed in a compact space. Keeping them in a loosely packed bin will help protect them from any damage. The battery installation area on the video game accessories should also be protected from any damages. They should be properly covered using packing paper or a sealed plastic bag.

Taking these extra steps with items in your storage unit rental can go a long way in protecting all of your video game products.

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