2 Tips For Safeguarding Your Wood Furniture From Humidity Before Placing It In A Storage Unit

If you have a large amount of wood furniture that you want to move out of your home, then placing it in storage is an easy solution. This allows you to keep the pieces without having to sell them in order to make room for additional furniture. But when wood furniture is stored away in storage, it will be exposed to increased amounts of humidity. If you do not protect your wood furniture, then this humidity can end up destroying these pieces. Trying to restore wood furniture that has been compromised by moisture damage can be extremely difficult. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to protect your wood furniture from humidity before placing it in a storage unit.

Seal Your Wood Furniture Before Storing it

You should apply a sealant to any type of furniture or surface that you want to protect from moisture damage. The sealant keeps a slight amount of moisture in the wood and prevents excess moisture from damaging and penetrating the wood. There is a high chance that your wood furniture was sealed when you initially purchased it from the store. In order to reinforce this moisture barrier, the furniture should be sealed again. You can pick up a wood sealant from your local home improvement store. It is important to give the sealant a few hours or days to fully dry before placing it into your storage unit.

Allow Your Wood Furniture to Breathe

If you wrap your wood furniture in a plastic wrap or a similar cover, then this can cause the furniture to sweat and develop moisture. The wrap does not protect the wood furniture from damage; instead, it creates an environment that prevents the wood furniture from being able to breathe. Therefore, you should keep your furniture uncovered when placing it in a storage unit. If you want to protect it from possible damage, then you can use blocks to elevate the furniture and store it in a corner of the storage unit. This will prevent it from soaking up moisture that is in the floor and will keep it out of the way.

Wood furniture can withstand a long amount of time storage unharmed. It is just important to ensure that your items are stored in a way that they will hold up to the humidity. Therefore, use these tips to ensure that you are able to accomplish this.

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