3 Ways To Use Storage Units For Halloween Jack O'Lanterns

Halloween is filled with many traditions, including the carving of pumpkins to create detailed and festive Jack O'Lanterns. If you plan on creating a lot of Jack O'Lantern designs, then you can plan and complete the process using a storage unit. A storage unit can be used in a number of different ways to help plan your Halloween carving and store the Jack O'Lanterns until it's time to put them out on display.

Pumpkin Storage & Preparation

When purchasing pumpkins, a storage unit is ideal for keeping them until they are ready to carve. The dry and dark areas can keep the pumpkins from rotting and help save space from your on home. Using a storage unit also makes it easy to carefully spread the pumpkins out without being forced to stack them against each other.

Once the pumpkins are carved into Jack O'Lanterns, you can continue to store them inside of a storage unit until they are ready to get put on display. This can help prevent any unnecessary damage and help ensure that the detailed carvings stay intact without adding a lot of rotting.

Pumpkin Carving Stations

Not only can a storage unit make an ideal place to store the pumpkins, but it's a great place to carve them. A storage unit is an ideal place to set up tables and chairs to carve at. You can easily attach garbage bags to the ends of each table and use them for waste from the pumpkins. The carving stations give multiple people enough space to easily spread out and work with carving tools while not getting in the way of other participants. Climate controlled storage units also provide you with plenty of comfort to carve and decorate during chilly autumn nights.

Alternative Decoration Stations

A storage unit is also an ideal place to set up alternative decorating stations. For example, younger children can easily paint and color pumpkins without using carving tools. Along with paints, the open space is ideal for stickers or small craft decorations that can be glued on the pumpkins.

The open space of a storage unit makes arts and crafts a lot easier to clean up. For example, you can easily mop and sweep up spilled paint, glitter, dried glue, and other decoration supplies. If you have multiple people in your family, everyone can easily gather around and decorate large pumpkins together. It's a great way to start new traditions and build memories together.

Visit a local storage unit facility, such as North Star Mini Storage, to see the available sizes. By going in person, you can choose the best sizes to fit your pumpkins and Halloween decorations.

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