Need To Put Your Game Room Into Storage? 3 Pointers To Avoid Unnecessary Damage

Having a game room in an extra bedroom is perfect because it gives you a dedicated place to enjoy games with family and friends. But, since it is a room based on entertainment alone, you may need to switch it out for something more functional later on, such as a guest room or a child's bedroom. Storing a game room can lead to severe consequences if it is not done correctly as many items are sensitive to damage. Following tips on proper storage is crucial if you want to come back to see your possessions in working condition.

CD or DVD Collection

Owning nearly every modern game console means you will have CDs from these games. PC gamers may also have CDs from when buying physical copies was the most popular option. DVDs are also commonly found in game rooms because they are often equipped with a high-quality television and sound system. Before throwing the CD or DVD collection into storage, you must know the ideal conditions. It is crucial to avoid high humidity and scorching heat, which makes climate control a necessity in your storage unit.

Pool Table

Pool tables are large, which means you are going to need a decent-sized storage unit for this alone. This is the one item that you should think twice about keeping because going from a 10x15 unit at $115 to $150 to a 10x20 unit that ranges from $170 to $180 is going to add up in costs over time. But, if you have a lovely pool table that you know you want to keep, then the number one thing you need to do is maintain a stable climate and wrap it completely. In some situations, you may be able to take apart the table, which should automatically take priority because it will save you both storage space and money.


A large television needs proper care to keep it from taking damage while it is in storage. Another necessity is climate control because you do not want any components overheating or soaking up moisture. The most delicate part of any television is the screen, so this is where you want to maximize protection. First, you should wrap bubble wrap around the entire television, mainly to protect the screen. Then, you can follow up with taping a layer or two of cardboard over the screen to eliminate the risk of puncturing.

Whether you intend on keeping these items in storage for a few months, an entire year, or even longer, you need to follow the right storage methods from the get-go to avoid lasting damage.

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