Getting A Roommate For Your Self-Storage Space: How To Share Your Space

You may find that you have too many items to store in your home, but not enough to fill a self-storage space. You may be able to rent a storage unit with a friend or family member to save money while getting clutter out of your home. Be sure to check with your storage facility before renting to make sure this is allowed, and then use this list to create a convenient way to share your space.

Define Your Space

You may want to split the storage unit down the middle to make things easier to keep separate, or you might choose another arrangement to provide enough room for all your belongings. Consider using colored tape on the ground to define the space so you both have enough room to store your items. Leave a walkway in the middle of the unit so it is easy to get around when you need to look for items.

Create A Labeling System

Boxes may get shuffled around, and this means some of your boxes and your storage unit roommate's boxes may get mixed up. Creating a labeling system will make it easier to find your items even if they end up on the wrong side of the room. Use color-coded stickers on each box so you can quickly identify which items belong to you, and don't forget to tape a list of belongings on the outside of each box so you always know where everything is. If you use plastic storage bins, purchase them in two different colors, and assign one color to each person.

Sharing Shelving

You may find that you need shelving for smaller boxes. If there isn't enough room for two shelving units, consider sharing one with your storage roommate. You can assign shelves to each person, or you can split the unit down the middle. Splitting the freestanding shelving unit this way might be more beneficial if some of the shelves are taller than others. Be sure to label each area so you know who it belongs to.

You should also take pictures of your items and make out an inventory list before you move in. Having a list made will help you to remember what you've stored if there is ever any confusion. With a good organization system, you can easily share your storage system with a friend or family member. You get the storage space you need, and you can split the cost of rent for added convenience. For more information, contact a business such as Statewide Self Storage.

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