Keeping Your Personal Belongings Safe From Storage Unit Theft

If you plan on placing items inside a storage unit, you may have some concern about their safety since you cannot be around to keep a watchful eye on them all the time. Unfortunately, theft can happen to anyone at anytime. Even items in a locked storage unit are at risk of being stolen. Here are some steps you can take to make the task of stealing from your unit a bit harder, thereby keeping your items safer as a result.

Pick The Right Storage Facility

It is important that the storage facility you select to house your belongings has ample security features to help in keeping theft chances lower. Some facilities will require that a key card is used to enter the premises. Others will have security guards on the property to help thwart robbery attempts. Make sure the storage facility you select has bright lighting to illuminate your unit's door during nighttime hours as this will make it more difficult for someone to try to get inside without being seen. A facility with security cameras is also desirable.

Place Non-Essential Items In The Front Of Your Unit

When you place your belongings in your unit, make sure the more expensive, treasured ones are in the back where they are not able to be seen from the doorway. Most thieves will cut a lock, open the door, and take items from the front of a unit. Since hanging around the unit for a long duration could lead to a robber being caught while in action, there is less chance of them trying to rummage through items to look for more expensive pieces. 

Trick Robbers Into Stealing Inexpensive Items

When you place more expensive items in your storage unit, it is important to hide them in areas where thieves cannot find them easily. Roll jewelry in an old sock and stuff it amount a chest full of old clothing. Place treasured photos or postcards in between pages of old romance paperbacks. Stuff collectibles inside old pillows or stuffed animals. These items should be placed in boxes in the back of the unit.

Place some interesting looking boxes in the front of your unit with boring items inside. Tape them shut and write fake labels on the exteriors of the enclosures indicating there is something of value inside. Using labels like "first edition books," "stamp collection," or "rare coins" will pique a robber's interest. They will most likely grab these boxes while your valuables remain safe.

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