What Do Your Belongings Require From Storage Facilities?

When using self storage units, every item has a different set of needs. Some objects are fine to put in a bag to be thrown into a basic storage shed, while other belongings may need a temperature-controlled facility. Depending on how expensive the equipment is or what the local crime rate looks like, different levels of security may be necessary. Here's a look at a few storage facility features to understand what needs to be available and what you may need to change before renting a storage unit. 

Door Choice Can Make Or Break The Deal

If you're not too worried about theft and you just have some old clothes or furniture to put away, you have a lot of options starting from the basic budget storage unit types.

Standard storage units often include a basic rolling door style, which is a large garage-type opening that allows renters to simply open a padlock and access their storage rooms. These are convenient and quick, allowing for low investment from the storage facility and potentially low prices for customers.

Unfortunately, these types of doors are the easiest to break into. The lock can be quickly broken with a bolt cutter, so unless security features are keeping thieves away, a determined thief can get what they want. That said, a trash bag of clothes or an old sofa isn't really worth going to jail for when there may be many more treasures in other storage units.

Rolling garage doors or doors that pull down to a lock connector on the ground are also not climate control-friendly. The gap at the ground allows makes air conditioning nearly useless as outside air affects cooling, and insects can sneak in easily.

Sturdy, thick doors that have to be lifted with a powered switch or secured by multiple locks only accessible from the inside are a better choice. You can identify these door types by the groove that the door enters to close.

Climate Control Quality And Maintenance

Some objects, such as electronics or sensitive fabrics, need climate control to stay safe. Whether it's to prevent metals from warping from the heat and corroding in the humidity or fabrics wrinkling and staining in humidity, an air conditioning unit can go a long way.

It's a simple feature to search for, but you need to make sure that the air conditioning system is maintained well. It's easy to mask inferior performance by cleaning out a vacant storage unit before renting, so ask to see the air conditioning filter. If it's caked with dust to the point of debris falling off and measuring multiple inches off the filter, either go elsewhere or be sure to check again in a month or two to make sure maintenance continues.

Air conditioning controls dust buildup and humidity at a basic level. If you need as much dust control as possible, or want to bring humidity down to 0% in even the more rainstorm-prone areas, be sure to ask for air filters with high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) or dehumidifiers.

Contact a self storage facility like Sentry Mini-Storage Inc to discuss security, cleanliness, and other storage unit features to keep your belongings in good condition over long term deposits.

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