Tips To Help You Prepare Your Car For Long-Term Storage

When you make the decision to put a car in storage for weeks, months or years, what you do to prepare the car will play a significant role in how well it holds up while being stored. Here, you'll find a few tips that will help you protect the car while it's being stored for however long you need to store it.

Change the Fluids

Oil, radiator, and transmission fluids are all essential to your car's performance. Before you put the car in storage for a long period of time, take the time to change all of the critical fluids. If you were to store the car with the old fluids, the contaminants that have built up in the fluid will settle and could cause problems when the time comes to start the car.

Remove the Battery

Unless you're storing the vehicle in a climate-controlled setting, the battery should be removed and taken home with you. You don't want the battery to be exposed to freezing temperatures, or you could find yourself in need of a replacement battery when you go to start the car again.

Condition the Interior

The interior of the car should be treated with a good conditioning product. Look for a good product that will prevent the interior from drying out and cracking or becoming discolored as it sits. As you apply the conditioner, be sure that you're getting all of the dirt and dust out of the small cracks and crevices. If you apply the conditioner over the dirt and allow the sun to bake it into the surface, you'll never be able to get it clean again.

Inflate the Tires

Your tires will lose air as they sit. Inflate your tires to the maximum pressure recommended on the sidewalls. Failure to fill the tires will result in flat spots and the need to replace the tires when it's time to drive them again.

If you're planning on leaving the car in storage for years, it would be best to put it up on jack stands. Lifting the car off of the ground will prevent any damage from occurring from the tires deflating.


Fill your gas tank on the way to the storage location. Storing it with a full tank will reduce the likelihood of moisture getting trapped inside the tank. When the moisture builds up, it will strain the valves. Also, add a bottle of fuel stabilizer to protect the fuel lines and the tank from corrosion and blockages during the months it's being stored.

Taking the time to prepare your car for long-term storage is well worth it. Consider how much you'd have to spend to repair all of the issues that could arise and know that you're making the right choice investing time, instead of money. For more information, contact a company like park it with bill*.

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