How To Properly Store Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are a classic way of storing and replaying music, but just like all other types of physical storage media, they can take up a massive amount of space in your home. Therefore, it may make sense for you to rent a storage unit or locker to store your records in if you are looking to get some more space within your home. However, another significant downside of vinyl records is the fact that they can become damaged with age and wear, which can impact the quality of their playback. Understanding the proper way to put your records into storage so that they don't become damaged can help you maintain your music collection and declutter your home.

Storage Containers

The first part of storing your vinyl records is making sure that you have the right storage containers for your collection. Plastic and heavy duty cardboard are both durable enough to cushion your records against bumps and other forms of physical trauma, with plastic costing more but offering better moisture protection at the same time. In some cases, record stores and storage supply outlets will sell specialized record storage boxes that have dividers in them to ensure that your records won't shift over time while in storage.

Proper Storage Techniques

One of the most important parts of storing records for an extended period of time is making sure that you keep them in their sleeves. These sleeves will protect the vinyl itself from most dust damage, as well as humidity exposure and other forms of physical damage. Further, you'll want to make sure that your records are stored standing up vertically, since they are much less likely to crack or chip like this. You should also make sure that nothing is stacked on top of your boxes of records, not even other boxes of records because of the risk of damage – to maximize storage space within your unit, consider purchasing a shelving unit.

Climate Controlled Storage Units

Finally, one of the most important things that you can do to make sure that your records stay in good condition over long-term storage is by investing in a climate controlled self storage unit. These types of units are slightly more expensive than their traditional counterparts, but they offer a moderated temperature and humidity level for your belongings. This helps prevents mold and mildew from setting into your record sleeves, and also prevents the records from melting or otherwise physically deforming if exposed to high summer temperatures.

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