Keeping Your Household Storage Organized By Using Vertical Space

When organizing personal storage, people often store from the ground up. However, this is actually the least efficient method of doing things. Not only do you need to make sure everything properly stacks, but you often can't access anything at the bottom of the stacks—at least, not without a lot of labor. Here are a few steps to keeping your home better organized.

Install Wall Shelving

Shelving can be installed on walls to keep things off the ground, which is more beneficial than it may sound. Keeping things off the ground protects it from pests and floods, while also making every item accessible rather than just things on the bottom. Wall shelving can be placed up to the top of the ceiling; you'll just need to keep a ladder around. 

Use Rolling Shelving Units

If you don't want to install shelving directly on the walls, consider instead wire shelving. Large, wire shelves on wheels can be used to organize and reorganize, moving the shelves from place to place as needed. This is especially useful if you don't want to make any permanent changes—such as if you are renting.

Place Hangers on Ceilings

Hangers on ceilings can be used for pots, pans, and tools. They'll still be in reach, but you'll be able to safely duck under them whenever you want. This is especially true if you have tall ceilings, as this gives you a lot of extra room. Just make sure you get these hung by a professional: if you don't hang things on the ceiling properly, they could easily come crashing down around you!

Consider Built-In Shelving

If there are things that you know you'll always use, consider built-in storage. Built-in storage for tools can give you additional space, as they can partially built into the wall and will be flush to the floor and ceiling. As an additional advantage, built-in shelves also improve the value of your property!

Bolt Racks to the Walls

Racks are especially useful for equipment and tools. Racks are bolted directly to the wall, and from there you can hang things on it directly. This is especially useful for small, fiddly things that you'd otherwise lose.

With the above tips, you can make sure that you can store all the things you need in a small, accessible space. This will help you reduce the amount of space you need to use up, and prevent you from having to rent a separate storage space. 

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